Thursday, May 10, 2007

"How To Get The Best Price When Shopping For A Trainer"

Anytime you shop for a personal trainer, you’regoing to search for three things:The best quality, with the best service, for thebest price!However, you’ll find that most trainers can’toffer all three! They can’t offer a quality program, with greatservice, for the best price! Having great quality and great services alonesaves you money in the long run! On the other hand, having the best price maycost you more money and lots of effort in thelong run. (It's always better to invest a littlemore than you expected, rather than a littleless than you should have.)Let's move on and talk about "quality and service"for a moment.

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If you sacrifice a quality trainer, you’re goingto lose. People who hire a trainer with little orno experience quickly fall off the program due tothe monotony, not to mention become stagnant(get no results). If you sacrifice service by hiring a trainer withlittle or zero motivational ability, your definitelygoing to lose! People who hire trainers without theability to motivate get little inspiration, receiveno education, have no structure, and of course, decreasein ambition.This leads to no results, de-motivation, and frustration. All which leads to failure and a wasted investment.

Looking for the best price is a different story."Best" prices are easy to find. Just price shop.Unfortunately, if you do find the best price(lowest price), the reason is always obvious...a low level trainer with little experiece andeducation.Trainers that offer the "best deals" usually chargea very low price and are usually doing so becausethey don’t offer good quality and service. Itwould be almost impossible to offer good qualityand service for a low price.

Something would haveto suffer in that equation.

Just remember this.

When trying to save money whilesearching for a trainer, look for three things:

1. A quality, comprehensive, educated trainer

2. Great service (gives you the motivation andknowledge you need.)

3. Affordable price with lots of value!

When you hire Rafael Moret,not only do you get an affordable price, but you alsoget education, structure, service, and motivation!

All which are essential if you want to do it rightand reach your fitness goals is the fastest amount oftime, with the maximum amount of results!

Getting the best price is good, but getting agreat price with supreme service and quality iseven better!