Friday, June 23, 2006

Just want to lose my waist

Most people start a diet or exercise program and say to themselves “ I want to lose a few inches around the waist” or “ I want to lose some fat around the hips” or even “I’d like to gain an inch or two around the arms”. Not going to happen in just that one area. Your body works as a unit, so you will loose 10 pounds overall or you will not. You are not going to loose 10 pounds in you midsection or your legs or in any other specific place you would like. That is why you need to systemize your approach. Nutrition and Education are very important and I will discuss them later but how you systematize your exercise approach can greatly affect how fast you see Results. Exercise will help anyone. How you combine the exercises, when you do them, how you do them, and when you do them will determine how much and how fats they will help...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Abs by Monday!

Think of a time when you were in the BEST SHAPE of YOUR LIFE. Can you picture it? Think about it for 5 seconds!!
How did you FEEL?

Now think about what's going on now. Are you just not looking EXACTLY how you want to? Need to lose a few? Want to put on some quality, lean muscle? Think about it!!

What's going to happen 6 months from now if you don't makea change? What are you going to look like, picture it. How are you going to feel, think about that !!!

Everyone is looking for the easiest answer to the question, “How can I lose fat?” In their search for the answer, many have spent an enormous amount of time thinking, worrying, wasting effort, and spending money. Most to become very disappointed with the negative outcome; either still overweight, a smaller version of themselves with the same consistency, a weight gain due to improper dieting, or even an unused gym membership due to a lack of motivation. Not to mention a large stock of miracle diets, fad routines, workout tapes, and other weight loss supplements that 80% of Americans possess in their basements and living rooms. Wouldn’t you agree that stories of inconsistent results from diets and weight loss programs are everywhere? Without visible results one can only expect to suffer from discouragement, an inconsistent fitness lifestyle, and the inevitable...the disappointing attitude.

I’ve been watching this take place for the past ten years in the fitness industry. Seeing committed people continually get themselves focused on a goal of fat loss only to get their enthusiasm intercepted or dampened by the fallacies of weight loss and fat removal. Fallacies of weight loss are more common now than ever. It seems that every day there is a new and amazing way to remove fat from your body. A unique secret or method that has been discovered to remove the disgusting fat deposits away from our waist, thighs, glutes, arms, and everywhere else the gruesome nutrient seems to want to hang around. Some popular misconceptions are “I’ll lose weight first then tone”, or “I’ll use higher reps to lose more fat ”, or “I’ll eat less carbs (carbohydrates)”, or “I’ll do sit ups and lose fat around my waist”, the list can go on and on. I feel similar to the frustrated researchers of the John F. Kennedy assassination. They have the proof, the evidence, and the motives of a conspiracy. However, because most people have a hard time hearing the simplicity of the truth, they continue to choose the path of least resistance and follow the crowd. It is my goal to help you overcome the falsehoods of the body fat loss conspiracy that is meandering around every television set, fitness center, and exercise magazine in the country.

Be prepared!