Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thinking Of Hiring a Trainer?

Here Are5 Alternatives That May Save You Time, Effort,and Money!

Alternative #1: Continue to avoid fitnessThis is a sure way to save time, effort, andmoney, and it's easy! Unfortunately, it's alsoa route that’s physically detrimental. Why chooseto be tired, sluggish, and mellow, when you canbe energized, healthy, and excited for life! (That’s what exercise is all about!)
Alternative #2: Continue to procrastinateProcrastination is natural, especially when itcomes to exercise. However, it only takes a smallamount of discipline to get going.If you don't generate the discipline, you'lltend to feel that tomorrow you’ll have more time,more money, and more motivation. That's silly, thatnever happens.This is procrastination’s biggest deception! Procrastination saves you time, effort, and money,but leads you to worry, doubt, and depression....and in this case...physical deterioration!
Alternative #3. Continue to look for “Trainer of Utopia”“Utopia” is a word that means "perfection" or"happiness". Sometimes, when we’re searching fora trainer, we wait for the “Trainer of Utopia”to appear, i.e., the perfect trainer, in the perfectlocation, for the perfect price, that gives us theperfect feeling, and at the perfect time.Let me let you in on a little secret....that isperfectly impossible! It obviously doesn’t happen! Trainer of Utopia will save you time, effort, and money,but it’s not a reality, it’s never going to open!It's never going to happen! Living in the land ofmake believe won't get usinto shape.Make the most of reality and your current situationby remembering that commitment determines yoursuccess and nothing else!
Alternative # 4: Continue to think you may want todo it on your ownBefore we consider hiring a trainer, wealways think of all the possible alternatives.Doing it on your own, at home, in the park, walking,jogging, running, or other similar options alwayscome to mind. Doing it on your own saves you time,effort, and money, but it’s conveniently ineffective!Why? Working out at home is convenient but becomesineffective because the results stop due to minimalequipment and variety. Plus it gets so boring. Ask any of your friends whohave the treadmill or exercise bike sitting dustyin their spare room.(Some home equipment may begood for hanging clothes.)
Alternative #5: Continue to wait for your spouseor training partner to rise to the occasionSome people want to workout with their friendor family member. They feel they’ll get betterresults due to the motivation. This rarely happensand never works out the way people originally planit to! If you depend on someone else to motivate you toworkout with, you most certainly will have a shortexperience with exercise.Exercise is an individual decision. You make thecommitment and decide you’re going to do it alone! If your spouse or friends want to come along forthe ride, that’s great---but it shouldn’t effectyour success either way!!You’re doing this for your goals, your body, yourhealth, your energy, your mindset, not anyoneelse's! Make the commitment today. That's theonly alternative.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Prograde is Up and Running

PROGRADE is Up and Running

Who Do You Trust More a veteran fitness expert or that kid at the vitamin store?

Yes, that’s a serious question.Prograde Nutrition was not only founded by Fitness Professionals, it’s only available through Fitness Professionals. Believe us, you don’t want an uneducated store clerk earning minimum wage - plus commission we might add - selling you junk you don’t need.Or worse, sell you something dangerous. The Fitness Professionals who sell Prograde only care about one thing: YOU!Have you come looking for magic pills and quick fixes?If you have we’re very sorry. As Fitness Professionals we know there aren’t any. Chances are if you found us you’ve come to that realization, too.Our beliefs are concrete.We believe a sound exercise program and proper eating, combined with Prograde products to fill in the nutritional “gaps”, creates the dynamic body and life you deserve.Highest quality nutritional product manufacturing: Awarded GMP Certification by the Natural Products Association Transform your body: our products and fitness experts will help you take control of your health so you can reach your goals. Pure: Natural ingredients grown on our untainted 2,500 acre farm in Florida Easy: No trumped up shipping charges. No confusing ‘supplement stacks’. Just simple, straightforward nutrition you can trust with zero hassle.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Local fitness coach launches website providing free fitness information

The new site, , provides free reports for people looking to lose weight, golf fitness, sports performance, pre and post natal exercise, pre-wedding and more.

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